Does SizeGenetics Really Work or Is It a Scam?

SizeGenetics scam or does it really work

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already heard of SizeGenetics and read their sales copy, and now you’re probably looking for an honest SizeGenetics review. The big question everyone wants the answer to is:

Does SizeGenetics really work?

I’m sure everyone asks this question after visiting their website. You’re looking for answers, the truth. I’m going to give them to you.

Don’t believe every SizeGenetics review you find on the internet. You know, the ones with flashy graphics and comparison charts and ridiculous claims. “Length gains: 3 inches; girth gains: 3 inches; speed of gains: 6 months; ejactulation control: significant”. LOL! Seriously, dude?

And don’t believe every testimonial either. You can never tell if they are real or not. I mean, anyone can make up testimonials to get more people to buy their product.

You’ll find none of that here. What you’ll find here is my honest opinion of the SizeGenetics penis extender. No BS charts and stuff like that.

First of all, let me get one thing out of the way: SizeGenetics is not a scam. It’s a penis extender, and as such, it works. That’s a fact. Peer reviewed studies have proved that these devices do indeed enlarge one’s penis. Doctors “prescribe” similar devices to patients who underwent penis enlargement surgery.

Penile extenders should be regarded as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft in patients seeking treatment for a short penis. (source:

BUT! I don’t like SizeGenetics, and I’ll tell you why. Plus I’ll give you a cheaper and better alternative, so keep reading.

My biggest problem with SizeGenetics is that it’s pretty darn overpriced, even with the bonuses. It’s one of the most expensive ones, and quite frankly, it isn’t worth that much.

There are other, cheaper extenders that are just as good if not better. And my personal favourite is X4 Labs, by far. I’ve written a detailed review on X4 extender explaining why I think it is the best penis extender.

Sure, SizeGenetics comes with a lot of bonuses, including online access to PenisHealth which is packed with penis exercise videos and stuff like that. But you can buy a cheaper extender and a penis exercise program like PenisAdvantage and it still won’t cost you as much as SizeGenetics, supposing that you’re interested in penis exercises. So, if you really want a penis extender that’s worth your money, check out my X4 extender review.

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