Is X4 Labs a Scam? My X4 Penis Extender Review

x4 labs scam or does it work

Don’t believe what “review websites” claim about penis extenders. The ones with flashy graphics and nonsense comparison charts that claim “you will gain 3 inches with [expensive penis extender] but only 1 inch with [cheap penis extender]. You’ve probably seen some of those sites yourself.

Don’t believe the claims on not-so-reputable penis enlargement product websites either. Unless you’re a really lucky guy (1 in a million), you won’t enlarge your penis by 3 inches in 3 months. That is BS. They also have heaps of “testimonials” to back up their claims, but you can’t tell if they’re real or not. Anybody can make up testimonials in order to push the sales numbers up.

And don’t believe the scam complaints you might have seen claiming that X4 Labs will scam you out of your money. Some merchants will post fake scam complaints to try and bash their competitors. True story.

Chances are you arrived here by searching x4 labs scam, x4 labs extender review or something like that on Google with no prior knowledge on penile extenders. And you’re probably wondering: do penis extenders work, or is it all just a scam? The answer is, of course: they DO work. Numerous peer reviewed studies have proved that penis extenders really do enlarge one’s penis. They are also recommended by doctors to be used after penis enlargement surgery. Now I won’t go into details on how they work, but if you really want to know then read this.

Penile extenders should be regarded as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft in patients seeking treatment for a short penis. (source:

Basically, all penis extenders work the same way and do the same thing. They stretch the suspensory ligaments as well as the spongy tissue in your penis. There is no magic involved. This is why it simply isn’t true that you can “gain 3 inches with this extender but only 1 inch with that”. But not all penis stretchers are created equal, of course. A good penis extender should:

  • Have good build quality, be durable
  • Be built using quality materials
  • Include spare parts
  • Be comfortable to wear
  • Should not slip
  • Should be reasonably priced

And in my opinion the one that has it all is the X4 Labs penis extender. They have several packages, which might be a bit confusing at first, so keep on reading and I’ll break it down for you.

X4 Labs Penis Extender Packages

Their cheapest package is the Starter Edition. This one doesn’t have as many extras as its more expensive brothers and you don’t get extra extension bars. Also, it comes with a comfort strap and memory foam, but no silicone tube. Although the comfort strap is more comfortable that the silicone tube – who would’ve thought – some people might prefer the tube solution. You just don’t know until you try both. Don’t buy this package unless your johnson is especially small or you’ll outgrow it sooner than you’d think.

X4 penis extender

The Deluxe Edition is their best-seller and my personal favourite too. This one does include extra extension rods as well as 2 silicone tubes, 2 comfort straps, 4 foam comfort pads and what they call the “hybrid system”. Which means that you can choose whether you want to use the comfort strap or the silicone tube. This is pretty cool because some people prefer the tube while some prefer the comfort strap. By the way, you can choose to pay some extra and get a “quad support” cradle, which is pretty damn useful because it eliminates all slippage, which is probably the #1 issue with penis extenders. You also get 5 years warranty, a full video tutorial CD, instructions booklet, penis exercise e-book, free ground shipping and stuff like that. I won’t list all the features since you can check them out on their website. And btw. it’s way cheaper than other penis extenders of similar quality (SizeGenetics for instance).

The Gold Edition is killer. It beats SizeGenetics in my opinion even though they are in the same price range (actually the X4 Gold is about 19$ cheaper than the Sizegenetics system). Here’s why: Firstly, the X4 devices are delivered within 3 to 5 business days in North America (if you choose free shipping). In contrast shipping of the Sizegenetics extender to North America takes 25-30 days if you go with the free option, or you can choose DHL delivery which adds $42.95 to the price. Second, with the X4 Gold Edition you get more spare parts, and that’s something you’re going to need in the long run. And of course the X4 has the hybrid system which gives you the freedom to choose between noose and comfort strap, which is pretty cool because you won’t know which one you’ll like until you try both. You also get a $50 X4 Labs gift card to use in their shop to purchase spare parts or anything you might need. And the best part? Its rods are covered in gold. Now that’s boss!

There’s also a Gold Premium Edition, but unless you’re a rich bastard you probably won’t be buying this one any time soon. It’s packed with more extras than the Gold Edition and it features a 3-in-1 support, which means you get velcro straps in addition to the comfort straps and silicone tubes.


Now, I’m not saying that you should immediately go and buy an X4 Labs penis extender, or any penis extender at all. But I will tell you this: X4 Labs is not a scam. Check out the video below if you’re still not convinced. And if you ever decide to try a penis extender device, this is the one I think you should try. And if you do, please do yourself a favour and don’t forget to use code DISC75 at checkout to save 75 bucks. :)

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